Maganda naman ako ah?
Iiwan mo raw ako, sabi nila!
Eh ang tagal na kaya nating live-in.


Pangit na ba ang bahay? Kulang ba ang pagkain?
Dinadaya ba tayo ni Manang sa singil ng renta?

Sige na.

Mangungutang na ako – wag ka lang umalis.
Pinturahan natin ang dingding, walisin natin ang sahig…
Ayos lang ba, tulungan tayo?


Ayan nakatingin ka na naman sa iba!
Sagutin mo nga, kailan ka ba huling nagandahan sakin?

– Pilipinas 

If I’m rich, which should I buy first – new phone or new life?

2016 was when I struggled the most between being caged and breaking free. The reason? I’m bound by living in the shadow of MONEY, I think we all are.

But it’s inevitable , you see. We are all victims of consumerism  – the belief that it is good for people to spend a lot of money on goods and services. So no matter how much I felt the need to stand by my own ground and decide for myself, I could not because I am not yet a tax-paying income earner. But even those who already are find themselves to be prisoners of dissatisfaction because the truth is, we can never have enough. Reality check, my dear friends – life is a price we have to pay.

Hands down to people who have found self-actualization and contentment in living by the principle: The best things in life are free. But you see, the world is NOT free; we are caged by its selfishness of offering even those we should naturally be receiving – education, home and even love – in exchange for hard-earned cash. This is why people can’t even afford to be truly happy.

What to do about it? This article is not to sugarcoat these bitter facts; because the truth is WE DO NEED MONEY. 2017 should be the year we change our mindset, especially on expense management.  Financial literacy should be the one that’s going viral over the net. Since it isn’t, start with yourself and find a way to improve your spending habits. Personal advice, INVEST on the right pockets.

As for me, I do not wish to get rich to afford a new phone or an epic car – though I’m not crossing them off my list. On the short term, I wish to afford independence and free will to avail a few decisions. Seeking approval is a price too high that doesn’t even let a person actually live his own life.

Dear Stranger

There were neither butterflies nor sparkle when you walked by. But you had a lot of prim, and that caught my attention. Then you started the conversation. Oh you never flirted, no ostensible hints of any kind. You simply got me with your storytelling.

After a few laughs over dinner, it just felt easier. You were no longer a stranger, I guess. Though it was a bit scary, you know why? Because the stranger to me now, was THIS feeling.

I wasn’t ready to love again just yet. But you taught me not to prepare. Instead you said as long as we both wanted to date some more, we simply had to see what happens from there. There was none much we knew about each other. But we gave curiosity a chance, and leeway to familiarize, so I stayed a little more while.

Then, dear stranger, love did happen. And I figured it doesn’t always come in glitter or magic. For the record, it unfolds with COURAGE to ask – from What’s your name? When are you free? Where should I pick you up? To questioning the reason of why anyone should ever try love… Why not?

On Church-goers

While we respect those who don’t go to church, we also can’t judge those who do.

I go to church every week. And speaking for some, it’s NOT a religion requirement.

It’s a float from drowning
a stretch from coiling
a pull from repelling
And most importantly,
a hush from crying…

Because for every day in a week, we all break a little. And somehow, even just for a day, we wish it would ALL go away.

To me, that happens every Sunday.

Sunny Side Down

You were my favorite breakfast, I yours.

We blended like bread and butter

Bacon and eggs, toast and jam…

Then one day, I’m sorry love. But I got fed up.

So I left you on the table

Until you turned into that bread, hard as rock.

The next morning, you found another plate.

A new twist of breakfast, more of your taste.

It’s wrong to miss you, my favorite one

It’s wrong to miss the sweet taste of your kiss

Hey, breakfast is done. I must leave for lunch.

But love, why leave crumbs on the floor?