Dear Stranger

There were neither butterflies nor sparkle when you walked by. But you had a lot of prim, and that caught my attention. Then you started the conversation. Oh you never flirted, no ostensible hints of any kind. You simply got me with your storytelling.

After a few laughs over dinner, it just felt easier. You were no longer a stranger, I guess. Though it was a bit scary, you know why? Because the stranger to me now, was THIS feeling.

I wasn’t ready to love again just yet. But you taught me not to prepare. Instead you said as long as we both wanted to date some more, we simply had to see what happens from there. There was none much we knew about each other. But we gave curiosity a chance, and leeway to familiarize, so I stayed a little more while.

Then, dear stranger, love did happen. And I figured it doesn’t always come in glitter or magic. For the record, it unfolds with COURAGE to ask – from What’s your name? When are you free? Where should I pick you up? To questioning the reason of why anyone should ever try love… Why not?

Sunny Side Down

You were my favorite breakfast, I yours.

We blended like bread and butter

Bacon and eggs, toast and jam…

Then one day, I’m sorry love. But I got fed up.

So I left you on the table

Until you turned into that bread, hard as rock.

The next morning, you found another plate.

A new twist of breakfast, more of your taste.

It’s wrong to miss you, my favorite one

It’s wrong to miss the sweet taste of your kiss

Hey, breakfast is done. I must leave for lunch.

But love, why leave crumbs on the floor?


Love Is Not A One-Way Ticket

Love is not a one-way ticket

Which will take you to that far end of the road

And not know your way back.


Love is a round trip.

It’s about you giving me a ride

Go somewhere new and unfamiliar

Then come home together;

To share smiles and stories

While we plan where to go next tomorrow.


Because love is about safety.

Me trusting you where you’ll take me

And you not letting me go,

Wherever we may be.

Independent on Independence Day: 5 Vitamins for the Broken-Hearted

I have noticed, many couples break up this month. How ironic because in other countries, June is the wedding month. Or maybe, each of the couple is simply complying to our country’s independence day.

Memories, there’s so much they hold. Once a relationship ends, who wouldn’t look back right? How you guys met, his old texts, his gifts, your unforgettable dates, your pictures together, those are just some of what’s painful to reminisce. Too much tears are rolling down that somehow, you can’t control them anymore. Maybe those memories are the ones stopping you from moving on, from accepting that “we” is now simply just “you” and “I”.

But no, this blog won’t be all about those drama and sht. I’m all about life, you know, how happy and worthwhile each day should be. That’s why I can’t bear seeing boys and girls devastated because of love. Yes I know we’re all too young for this, but that’s what makes it more hurtful. Younger people don’t deserve sorrow. We should be having fun all the time, celebrating our youth! That is why if you felt even just a little pain from reading the paragraph before this, then this blog is for you. I understand the pain you’re going through.

For the broken-hearted, here are some things to be optimistic about. Life’s too short for you to just spend it on crying every night. A few vitamins in life could help. Smile and read on.

1. Vitamin A – Accept, but never forget.


The memories both of you shared are too precious to be forgotten. We have learned a lot from these, that’s why. Yes you’ll feel ouchy every time you’ll remember the laughter you had experienced with him. But you must know that all of those things are already in the past. Accept that everything’s different now, that those can’t be brought back anymore. What matters now is how you’ll make new and even better memories in the present. It doesn’t have to be necessarily spent with a boyfriend or anything. You got your friends and family with you, don’t forget.

2. Vitamin B – Be busy all the time.


Of course, it’s not easy to keep your mind off those sweet moments with him. I bet, anywhere you look, everything simply reminds you of him right? Well the only solution there is to keep yourself busy. Since it’s already June, it would be easier because you’re in school everyday. Study hard. (I know most won’t consider this option. LOL) Or if you don’t feel like it, join organizations. Get involved everywhere you possibly could. But another more fun option is go out with your friends/family ALL the time. Be with different people. Go to different places. Just use most of your time doing other things. You know what happens when you’re alone and quiet at your room right?

3. Vitamin C – Take Care of yourself.


Many people, especially girls, forget to take care of themselves after the break up. Some would even want to try to get sick just to know if the ex would care. No ladies, that’s just so wrong. Now’s even the perfect time to pamper yourself, to become 10x more beautiful! Imagine, if you feel like rebelling through alcohol and partying, you’ll look even more haggard. And your ex’s ego would bloat because he’ll feel he’s such a big loss. Dress better, make friends, take care of yourself honey and bloom! He would surely regret of ever letting you go.

4. Vitamin D – Drop those sht and move on.


How will you appreciate today if you keep looking back on yesterday? Sweetie, don’t waste your day by crying or becoming preoccupied with bad thoughts. Who knows how much happiness you will be bringing to others if you would just smile, right? You’re actually doing yourself a favor too. Too much frowning would increase chances of aging. We wouldn’t want that to happen, would we? Plus, you might bump into the man who truly deserves you. One smile could mean a thousand more if he really (possibly) is the one.

5. Vitamin E – Everything you do, everything you are, offer to the Lord.


Nothing happens by chance. That’s one quote I’ve learned to never forget every time something unfavorable happens to me. Your life has been well-planned by God already. If your ex or other people had broken your trust, give it to no one but to Him alone. It’s true that sufferings make you stronger and mistakes make you wiser. Just think, these broken relationships are just challenges for you to finally learn how to appreciate life in other forms. When you’re broken hearted, you tend to forget that breakfast is served to you everyday, that your arms and feet are still in place and that you are given by God another breath of life each time you wake up. See? There are a lot of blessings to be thankful for! Forget your worries, everything has a solution for sure. Just let go, and let God.

There you have it! Just 5 vitamins to a healthy living! Don’t waste a day, because you’ll be asking a lot of them when you near death. But let’s not think about that now. And yeah, before I forget, just because your relationship ended, you would start to become bitter on love. Continue to love still, it’s one of Jesus’ two greatest commandments. But this time, focus on yourself first for you to learn how to love others more; but this time, with the wiser and better YOU.