Someday, I Will Stop Writing About You

France's debut

Someday, I will stop writing about you

Oh, but not today

‘Cause today, my thoughts are still about you

How I wish I can make them go away


It hurts to wake up with my side empty

You used to be there

You’d stare even when my hair’s messy

So now, though you’re gone, I won’t fix my hair


Then I go brush my teeth and wash my face

You used to hug me from behind

You’d whisper to me, “I love you always.”

I wash again to shake you off my mind


I see the stairs and remember that date

We used to race to the kitchen

You’d call me “Princess” and prepare my  plate

Now I race with myself, eat if I can


I run back to my room and start to cry

Today I’ll write the saddest lines

Find all the synonyms of hate but why

Does my mind play back all our happy times


Someday I will stop writing about you

But I can’t tonight

I promise I want to, but I want you 

And you want her, so again I will write


I wish I would run out of words to say

Like how you ran away

Pathetic but I chase you anyway

I don’t let you know, but I wish you’d stay


This will be my last stanza about you

My last tear for you

One final line and I’ll stop, I need to

Someday I will stop writing about you

Tonight I will stop writing about you

One last line and I will stop, I have to

But I still love you

Tomorrow I’ll write another poem or two

About you.