Mortem: 4 Issues That Kill You Slowly

I’ve taken into account actual stories by people I’ve confronted. It scares me how there are just too many problems out there, too heavy to turn even the bravest into cowards. Read on, relate and note my last stanza. Happy Halloween, fellas.


Deeper than an ocean is a secret

Darker than night is a controversy

Scarier than ghosts or monsters is DEATH

of justice, truth, happiness and hope


You may be a smarty-pants or a kick out

Either way you’ll know what I’m talking about

Your academe or mine is, without a doubt,

A pool of cheats and liars, please hear me out.


Study, get high grades. Copy, get high grades.

When you fail, oh professors can be swayed

Debarred? Backers can easily be paid

Politics in schools exist in all shades



Judgments are all over the newspaper

It’s normal too, to get from a stranger

But when a friend judges, it’s way harsher

To know the one you trust – is a hater.


Love the opposite sex, they have something to say

Love the same sex, worse things are said to someone gay

Until facts and stories get twisted in a way

Your side is then unheard at the end of the day



You’re chased by many; your options are vast

But there is none you trust enough to last

Consecutively, you dump guys so fast

Why? It’s because you’re stuck in the past


You still think of him, but does he think of you?

He left you hanging with a question or two

So what? He’s gone! There is nothing you can do

Closures may mean not to have a closure too



When everything else fails, where would you run?

Your family’s of course choice number one

But what if your brother or sister’s gone?

Not dead, just turned against you – good as done…


You run out of options, you have tried them all

Eventually, there’s even no one to call

“Must not give up, must be as strong as the wall”

“Mom needs me,” there’s no more choice but to stand tall



But if you’ve been to the cemetery, you’ll realize

Many are already dead but you have a shot at life

For a great tomorrow: leave yesterday and LIVE TODAY

Justice, truth, happiness and hope dies, but don’t die with them



P.S If you feel alone, leave me a message. I promise you’re not.



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