This is when the RIGHT LOVE will come. 

We all have loved and lost… but only some are able to love again. Sometimes, the universe has been letting ‘the one’ walk by our doors on random mornings, yet there you are – either stuck looking back or afraid to look forward.

This is when, I think, the right love will come. 

Bible says, “Love is patient.” And I think love comes, also to the patient. Because there is this kind that comes slowly; yes, unknowingly but naturally.

This is the kind of love that you don’t chase, no, not anymore. In fact, this is the one that you need not go out of your way. This might even be the one that will stay.

But don’t just sit nor hide and wait. Don’t even hasten. It will never be too early nor too late for love to happen. But try though, to make it happen.

No you don’t need to do those toxic efforts just to force someone into your life. Love is effortless. Your actions towards others should be effortless. But, where you’ll need to put effort to, is upon yourself.

Instead of planning your next date, PLAN your next goal first. Instead of spending for concert tickets with your crush, SPEND some time to apply for that dream job. And instead of earning for that gift for Valentine’s, EARN your family’s trust that you can, slowly but surely, be able to live independently.

Sooner or later, God will know when you’re settled. God will know when you can commit. God will give you that gift of love, after you have taken care of yourself dearly; because only until then will you be capable of taking care of another human being. 

I hope this will be the last time that you question yourself if the problem why it never worked out with your past relationships, is within you.

It did not work, because it’s not yet him. It’s not yet her. But more than those, maybe, you’re not yet THE YOU who’s ready.

And when you feel that you already are, wait a little more because the one for you is getting ready too.

Love is patient.

Be patient.

It will come, soon.


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