Carpe Diem! Ft. How My Summer Felt Perfect

Now that I’m supposed to prepare for school and stuff, I’m here in my bedroom making a blog. Well, there are no classes in UST every first day of the AY. Just one mass is held. So I have an excuse now to write, right? Read on though it’s long, because you’ll be getting something useful at the end.

My roommate won’t be arriving ‘til next week. I have transferred to a new dormitory, so I don’t know anyone around here. With no skill of cooking rice, I don’t even know how I’ll be having my lunch later. Who to talk to? Aside from the gloomy atmosphere in my room, you can just imagine how uninviting the place is because I’m alone and all. Good thing my laptop’s here to comfort me. Some memories do too. Last summer was just too unforgettable. Let me share to you how much happiness this season has brought me.

Many of us wish to have a summer job at Starbucks, McDo etc. I do too. But where I have worked is more than what I have hoped for. It’s actually something I am passionate with. Dance workshops have been my thing ever since high school. To learn is fulfilling. But to be the one to teach, it’s overwhelming. This job lasted for 4 weeks. Together with some teachers and more student assists like me, we had to teach both kids and teens. In a day, 6 days in a week, we worked from 8am-5pm. If you’d think about it, this is a very tiring job. Especially for someone as thin as me, I’d need all the energy possible. But it’s surprising to know that though this workshop tires us physically, we never got sick of it. We didn’t even feel like we were working. Just the willingness to be able to share with others our knowledge and talent is enough to get us through every day. No regrets. No wasted moments.

The day of our students’ recital has arrived. Though I had the chance to host this event and to dance too at one part, I was never completely happy. Well, yes, we have waited for this day to come. To be able to finally showcase to friends and families what they have learned is good. But the idea of this workshop ending is too sorrowful. Nevertheless, I felt proud. Feeling like parents, yes. Actually, I felt more proud than them. Because seeing your child dance is amazing. But to see children showcase what you have taught them, what you have worked hard for, it felt like an achievement to me. Tears almost ran down my eyes as they shake their bodies and move their hips for the last time.



They were more than students to me because they had special places in my heart. It takes effort to come up with enough dance steps. But to make memories, without effort our hearts were quickly filled with hundreds. Each day was something to be truly treasured. I won’t forget all the laughter we had shared together. That is what others fail to realize sometimes. In dancing, as you progress with enough choreography, friendships develop too. One reason why I enjoy dancing so much is not only do you get to exhibit what you can do to others, but also you get to do what you really love with people you love as well. Make steps; make friends at the same time. Learn how to shake, learn how to mingle too. What we were last dance workshop, we weren’t just friends. We were a family, made whole by the same passion.


I thought my summer ends there. But no, I was given another opportunity to dance one more time at an event where our audience consisted of dancers and choreographers from all over the Philippines. Of course, with an amazing choreographer like Sir Madz, our dance was a success. I felt too fortunate to still become a part of it, since I have graduated already. God’s goodness is just too incomparable. Thank you, Lord.


Not only that, the last days of my summer were spent with the people really close to my heart. For this season to end is a sad thing. But I regretted nothing. No day was wasted. This was the kind of life I wish to live, and I hope you guys do too. I dream of a life without wasted opportunities. Seize the day as possible as you could. Don’t spend one day without anything significant happening. Make sure to use all the time you have left either with the people you love or with materials you’ll be learning something from. Dance. Sing. Read. Help others. Discover something new every day. The number of years you’ll be living is counted. But the memories you’ll be making, the lessons you’ll be learning and the discoveries you’ll be finding out while you’re still alive, it’s infinite.

What’s more important is you shouldn’t merely think of what person you wish to become. Rather, aspire to be someone other persons would dream to become. Seize the day. Especially now it’s June once again. Have fun. But always remember to strive in becoming valuable people, worthy of life in this world. Make a difference today. Carpe diem!


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